What is cosplay and why is it popular

Cosplay is a newfangled movement that has swept young people around the world, which is the embodiment of the heroes of games and animated series in the real world. In fact, cosplay stands for Costume Play. The vast majority of cosplay is done on anime, which is not surprising – the roots of the phenomenon come from Japan. What is cosplay and why is it popular?

Information about cosplay 

Cosplay is often used at game shows like the Tokyo Game Show to attract visitors. The models and costumes chosen accurately reproduce the main characters of the game and it’s certainly a draw. Attracting an audience in this way is well used as a source of lead generation. Lead management is a popular Western model for attracting new customers. Selling leads has its advantages over the scheme of working with an ordinary advertising agency. The advantage is that you get clients who are maximally focused on your product, and all the risks are borne by the fulfillment company.

Very often, cosplay has a characteristic “adult” tone – this is due to the fact that anime heroines, in most cases, wear provocative outfits and use a minimum of clothing and a maximum of makeup. The jargon designation of a beautiful and cute girl came just after the popularization of Japanese culture in other countries. Why is cosplay so popular?

Unlike movie characters, fictional characters have a much more distinctive appearance, unusual hairstyle and almost perfect, in terms of beauty, appearance in general. Animation allows the creators to idealize their characters, give them charisma and character traits that are not available to ordinary actors in movies. Therefore, their incarnation in the real world evokes a bunch of emotions that are associated with watching your favorite TV series (the most popular is Final Fantasy). By projecting their experiences onto an embodied image, a person gets their portion of pleasure. Moreover, as has already been said, the characters’ outfits are bright, creative, with an amazing range of colors and the most unusual designs. 

Entire festivals are held all over the world, where thousands of costumed people create the atmosphere of a fantasy world and can see their friends of interest. Cosplay is another step away from the boring and gray ordinariness that has taken over modern metropolises. You can choose any character and reincarnate as your hero.

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