Outlook on Fuckerman games collection

Fuckerman is a game from new developer Bambook. It represents an erotic mini-quest in which you need to fulfill the requests of girls and get a reward. In this article we will make an Outlook on Fuckerman games collection.

Fuckerman: Hospital

Fuckerman was walking along the street and suddenly saw a girl with a perfect ass. He stared and got hit by a motorcycle. Now he is in the hospital and must somehow get out of there. The girl who hit you is very sorry for what she did and is waiting for you downstairs. Use W A S D to move, E for action and with your mouse use the objects in your inventory.

Fuckerman: Wrecking Balls

This time our hero will be helping some very hot girls at the construction site. It would be great to see only women in such a place. One of the girls doesn’t know how to make cement. Another is using a drill without headphones and there are many other problems waiting for you besides that. There’s also a special surprise, a girl who looks like Miley Cyrus will be swinging on a wrecking ball. Use W A S D to move, E for action and the mouse to drag items across the screen.

Fuckerman: Jingle Balls

Another great game from Bambook. This time the main character with a bag on his head will walk around the little house looking for lost Christmas presents to decorate the Christmas tree. Once you find all the items, you can go back to the blonde waiting for you at home and fuck her in several poses. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Use W A S D to move. Click to hit, right click to masturbate. Use E F for action.

Fuckerman: Petrol Station

Our beloved hero is out of gas in the middle of the desert, but luckily for him there is a small gas station in the desert. As always, he will have to solve several puzzles to get out of this situation. In the meantime, you can bang various cool hotties around and inside the house. In this version, you have to use your mouse to drag the item to the object you want to test. And you’ll also be able to combine the items in your inventory.

Fuckerman: Train

Our funny hero with a paper bag on his head is ready for more sexual adventures again. This time he is on the train, and he needs to get out of there. To do this, you have to fuck a few beauties on the train. As usual, each girl will give you an item to use somewhere else. Remember that you can now combine items in your inventory by dragging and dropping items with your mouse.

Fuckerman: Amazons 

Our funny hero is waiting for new adventures in the jungle, which is filled with amazons. His main task is to save his girlfriend, who was captured by the queen of the Amazons. As always, use W A S D to move, E for action. Combine items in your inventory using your mouse. You’ll also encounter one battle scene in this game. You’ll probably lose the first time. Get close to the queen and then click your mouse button to hit her with your dick and then run away.

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