Editor’s choice: Kasumi Rebirth

In this article we will tell you about the Editor’s choice: Kasumi Rebirth. This game is in the style of undressing girls, in front of you is a beautiful hentai girl named Kasumi, yes you’re right you see that her tits are squeezed by this tight clothing, well what to do, of course you have to take it off so that she was easier and you more pleasant.

Kasumi Rebirth gives you a girl vibe that reveals her real character and what she likes. I like the challenge of bringing a girl out of her shell and letting her show her true desires. So, let’s run Kasumi: Rebirth and see what it’s all about.

Kasumi: Rebirth – Gameplay

Kasumi: Rebirth is loaded in your browser. Just make sure you have Flash Player enabled. Loading time is fast and you’re ready to play. You are immediately greeted by the image of sexy Kasumi, a hot red-haired naughty girl who is chained to some outdoor arena. She’s dressed in a beautiful outfit, but if you don’t like it, you can change it. By customizing her outfit, you can make Kasumi exactly how she tickles your fancy. 

In terms of gameplay, there’s nothing much to it except exploring Kasumi’s body. The menu offers options for using one or both hands or your cock to explore Kasumi’s body. It’s a shame there’s no sound this time, because her feedback will greatly affect the entire gameplay. There are also options to flip Kasumi over or use a level that can forcibly spread her legs and give you better access to her pussy and ass. You can caress her breasts, pussy or anus, or penetrate her if you like.

There is no specific point where Kasumi cums, or she really climaxes, which is a shame, but she does look like she enjoys it. You, on the other hand, can reach climax, and you have the choice to cum in one of Kasumi’s holes. Once you reach the climax, you get a chance to restart the game, but it’s the same gameplay I already described.

Kasumi Rebirth is a well-crafted addition to the clicker genre. The game does offer stimulating visuals and plenty of options to choose from, making Kasumi fun. The graphics are great and Kasumi is a hot ass, but nevertheless, the overall gameplay left me feeling a little left out. I’ve always found the censorship (mosaic) to be a bit of a pushover, as it robs you of the ability to see the merchandise.The lack of sound is also a bummer. You don’t really get the full Kasumi experience and no real feedback if what you do is what she really enjoys, or maybe you should change that. 

Overall, that makes this package a mixed bag. I can see why some people will like this game because it looks great, and there are lots of things you can do with Kasumi to distract you. On the other hand, I think adding sound or some kind of feedback in the form of an on-screen indicator or ruler might help the overall gameplay. If you still feel this is the game for you, check it out.

This game has its own distinctive features and you should understand that. Nevertheless, every player can find something interesting here. If you like hentai, this is not a bad game for you. If you like undressing a girl, then this game is also worthy of your attention. If you like to explore different porn games, then it is quite possible to run the game and enjoy the gameplay.

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