6 Genshin Impact cosplay ideas

One of the most distinctive aspects of Genshin Impact is the variety of his characters, his personalities, his incredible visuals, colors and clothing. Any Genshin Impact cosplay will suit the one you choose, as all of the characters have distinctive details. In this article we will look at 6 Genshin Impact cosplay ideas.


Model Lady Melamori presented a cosplay of Astrologer Mona from Genshin Impact. The photo shoot was published on WorldCosplay. Mona is the character of the element Hydro in Genshin Impact. According to the game’s lore, the girl is a proud and willful astrologer. Although Mona is really good at what she does, she lives a life of near-starvation because of some of her principles. Other astrologers don’t shy away from embellishing their predictions and always charge money for their services, but not Mona: she always tells an unpleasant truth head-on, and not everyone likes it.

Mona is one of the most popular characters on Genshin Impact, as well as among cosplayers. Lady Melamori pointed out some sexy photos as “fanservice” – even though the heroine does not appear naked in the RPG, many fans fantasize about it.

Princess Fischl

As it happens, miHoYo’s project has a lot of sensual girls that you just can’t help but reincarnate in. Here’s a new model who has decided to become Princess Fischl, armed with the magic of electro. Not a single enemy can resist her power.


Cold Rosaria is beloved not only by players, but also by cosplayers. As Oichi admitted, she really likes the character. In fact, the character has no respect for anyone and is used to acting alone, using very powerful Cryo-magic and deftly wielding spears. As always, the girl has a detailed and eye-catching image that makes you want to play only as Rosaria.

Mistress Hina

Mistress Hina is just a fiction created by Yae Miko. However, she is so beloved by the fans that the developers are slowly developing her story through some quests and letters. Diane Simon, who was captured by a photographer, was also interested in the character. The girl introduced the character in a very pleasant and sensual way. Who knows, maybe someday she’ll be allowed to play for her?

Shogun Raiden

Without further ado, a terrific job by Lady Melamori. Her performance of Shogun Raiden was somewhere on the verge of true cosplay art, with almost cinematic effects and detailed work on the character.

Gan Yu

The calm and graceful Gan Yu attracts players all over the world. So the popular model decided to take her time with the character, reincarnating her in her quietest and most sensual moments. The result is a very nice and gentle work, emphasizing the character.

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